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Field Trips

Field Trips are a fun and exciting way for our students to get out of the classroom and visit educational places that will add to their learning environment.

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Field Trips


Field Trips are generally geared towards activities that complement information being taught in the classrooms. We welcome parents to attend field trips as chaperones as the teacher may need help with students. Being a field trip chaperone is on a first come, first serve basis because of the limited space on vans or buses. We ask that if parents are coming as chaperones, they make arrangements for non-school age children. The school will inform you of field tip costs and dress codes before the trip.

Junior-Senior Trips


TCCS Juniors and Seniors will take two valuable trips before their graduations. Trips include (but are not limited to) Washington D.C. and Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida, for Pensacola’s College Days. Both of these trips are considered a very valuable part of our students’ education. Students are given many opportunities to earn money for their trips. If a student participates enthusiastically in these fundraising projects and sufficient money is earned, a student may earn the entire amount required with the exception of extra spending money. Those who participate little or not at all will be dependent upon their parents to pay for their trips. Juniors and Seniors are required to work in our snack bar, participate in school lunches, and work in our fundraising dinners to help raise money for their trip.

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